Age of Conan lore | A Thrilling Tale of Adventure and Valor in the Age of Conan

Part I: The Rise of a Hero

In the savage and brutal world of Hyboria, a land forged by the gods and torn asunder by war, an unlikely hero emerges from the ashes of a ruined civilization. Born into slavery and cast out into the unforgiving wilderness, our hero, who we will call Tharok, is forged by the harsh realities of life and molded into a warrior of unparalleled skill and determination.

Tharok’s journey begins in the city of Tortage, a lawless pirate haven teeming with cutthroats and rogues, where he earns his freedom by besting his captors in a gladiatorial contest. His victory attracts the attention of King Conan, the legendary warrior who now rules over the vast and treacherous lands of Aquilonia, Cimmeria, and Stygia.

Part II: The King’s Quest

Tharok’s skills as a warrior do not go unnoticed, and he soon finds himself in the service of King Conan, who sends him on a perilous quest to recover a powerful artifact known as the Eye of the Serpent. This ancient relic said to grant its possessor unimaginable power and the ability to bend the very fabric of reality, is coveted by the forces of darkness that threaten to plunge Hyboria into chaos and destruction.

As Tharok ventures forth into the treacherous lands of Hyboria, he is joined by an eclectic group of companions, each with their unique skills and abilities, united by a common purpose – to thwart the evil forces that seek to claim the Eye of the Serpent and plunge the world into eternal darkness.

Part III: The Forces of Darkness

In the shadowy depths of the Stygian deserts and the windswept mountains of Cimmeria, Tharok and his companions face untold horrors and deadly foes in their quest to recover the Eye of the Serpent. They encounter the monstrous minions of Thoth-Amon, the powerful sorcerer who seeks to claim the artifact for his own nefarious purposes, and the armies of the witch queen, Akivasha, who rules the frozen wastes of Hyperborea with an iron fist.

As the forces of darkness converge on the heroes, Tharok and his allies must draw upon their courage, skill, and cunning to survive the treacherous journey and prevent the Eye of the Serpent from falling into the wrong hands.

Part IV: The Battle for the Eye of the Serpent

With the location of the Eye of the Serpent finally revealed, Tharok and his companions make their way to the hidden temple where the artifact is said to be hidden. As they venture deeper into the temple, they must overcome deadly traps, fearsome guardians, and ancient curses in order to reach their prize.

However, their journey is fraught with peril, as the forces of Thoth-Amon and Akivasha converge on the temple, determined to claim the Eye of the Serpent for themselves. As the battle rages, Tharok must make a fateful decision that will shape the course of Hyboria’s future and determine the fate of the world.

Part V: A New Dawn

With the Eye of the Serpent in their possession, Tharok and his companions return to King Conan, having vanquished the forces of darkness that sought to claim the artifact. In recognition of their heroic deeds, King Conan bestows upon them the highest honors of the land and grants them a place among the ranks of his most trusted warriors.

Part VI: The Test of Time

As a new dawn breaks over the lands of Hyboria, Tharok and his companions stand as shining examples of valor and heroism. They have earned their place among the legends of the realm, their names spoken with reverence and respect by all who hear their tale. With the Eye of the Serpent secured, the forces of darkness have been pushed back, and the kingdom enjoys a period of relative peace and prosperity.

However, as the years pass, new challenges and enemies emerge, threatening to once again plunge the world into chaos and destruction. Tharok and his companions are called upon to defend the realm and protect its people from these emerging threats, their skills, and courage are tested time and time again as they face off against new foes and uncover ancient secrets that threaten to unravel the very fabric of reality.

Part VII: A Legacy of Heroes

As the sands of time continue to flow, Tharok and his companions grow older, their once-youthful faces now lined with the wisdom and experience of a lifetime spent battling the forces of darkness. With each passing year, their legend grows, inspiring a new generation of heroes who look up to them as the embodiment of courage, honor, and self-sacrifice.

In the twilight of their lives, Tharok and his companions look back on their many adventures, their trials and tribulations, and the friends and foes they encountered along the way. They know that their time on this earth is drawing to a close, but they take solace in the knowledge that their deeds will live on in the hearts and minds of those they leave behind.

And so, as the sun sets on the Age of Conan, Tharok and his companions pass into the annals of history, their names forever etched in the memory of Hyboria as symbols of hope, courage, and the indomitable human spirit. For as long as there are heroes to stand against the darkness, their legacy will live on, a shining beacon to guide the wayward and inspire the bold in a world fraught with danger and uncertainty.

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